Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial and rugged barcode readers to use in harsh conditions for heavy usage barcode scanning

Hands Free Barcode Scanners

Hands-free readers and in-counter barcode scanner-scales provides comfort and speed up the checkout process for retailers

Handheld Barcode Scanners

General purpose barcode readers can be used in any type of business process for data collection through barcode scanning

Wired Barcode Scanners

Wired barcode scanners or corded hand-held barcode readers come with USB or serial communication and that can be the connection with any device. These handheld wired scanners comes is various range from general purpose barcode scanners to industrial and rugged barcode scanners. This scanner comes with 1D & 2D scanning capabilities.

Companion Barcode Scanners

Companion and portable barcode scanners are innovative products are easy to use in everyday barcode scanning. These are small size and lightweight pocket scanners which can be paired with any Bluetooth device for capturing the data. These barcode readers provide mobility factor to read 1D or 2D barcodes.

Presentation Barcode Scanners

Presentation barcode scanners or tabletop barcode readers comes with USB and serial communication. These hands-free scanners are largely used in retail stores or supermarkets. These scanners come with 1D & 2D barcode scanning capabilities. These scanners also called omnidirectional barcode scanners, single plane barcode scanners or fixed retail barcode scanners.

Multi-Plane Barcode Scanners

Multi-Plane barcode scanners or in-counter barcode readers are made for high volume pos counters to meet the demand for multi-side scanning. These scanners can scan at 360 degrees. These hands-free barcode readers and scanner-scales help large retailers to speed up the checkout process.

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless scanners or cordless hand-held barcode readers comes with Bluetooth communication and that can be the connected with windows, android and iOs devices. These handheld Bluetooth scanners useful for the short and medium distance scanning. This scanner comes with 1D & 2D scanning capabilities. These scanners can also be used in batch mode barcode scanning.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Fixed mount barcode scanners are compact size high-performance bar-code readers. These hands-free barcode scanners are rugged and can be fixed mounted. This provides high-speed scanning of items running on the conveyor belt.

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