Angular is Javascript based framework to develop frontend web application.To set up Angular2 environment in our system we need to install nodejs and npm.

Checking NodeJs on your machine

To check if node and npm are installed , run the below command in the command line:

node -v

// Output :  v8.9.1

npm -v

// Output :  5.7.1

If the above command does not give you any output you have to install nodejs

Installing Angular

To install Angular we will install Angular CLI(Angular  Command Line interface), used to create project, add files , deployment and many other things

npm install -g @angular/cli

Create new project

Open the terminal window and browse to the directory where you want to set up the project and run the command below:

ng new myapp

It will install the necessary npm packages,create the project files and set up default app.

Run the application

Once everything is done you can run the application using the command

cd myapp // switch to the application

ng serve –open

ng serve – will start the local dev server and build the application

–open  – will launch the application in the browser with url http://localhost:4200