First time I tried the solr search in one of the magento1.x store.. I am new to solr so it took time for me to understand and working of the solr.
I got enough help from the links I have mentioned in my article which helped me to accomplish the task.

After implementing the solr search in magento store I could easily see the search performance whereas default magento search was slow.
If you also want to integrate the solr in your magento store below are the steps you can follow :

My server OS is Centos Linux 6.5 so I have set up the solr under /home directory , you can choose as per the OS you are using. I am using some magento extension which was already developed , you can download it from the the link : Magento Solarium Search Extension

Step 1 : Download the Solr 4.9.1 version because the extension works with 3.x or 4.x versions only. You can use the below command to download it in linux . I have copied the link of the solr which I have used :
sudo wget

Note : Please make sure you have the java sdk installed in your server
yum list available | grep -i jdk

Step 2 : Unzip the folder and place it under the “/home” and rename the folder as solr .
tar -xvf solr-4.9.0.tgz
tar -xvf solr-4.9.1.tgz
mv /home/solr-4.9.1 /home/solr
mv /home/solr/example /home/solr/core

Step 3: After following the above step you have to start the solr server. You have to create a systemd service for Solr or if you are used to the old init scripts, you can keep using them. Create an init script for the Solr service:
You can refer to the below link for the init script :
Install Solr on Centos

Step 4 : After starting the solr server by following the steps in above link provided , you can access the solr admin interface http://server_IP:8983/solr/

To Integrate the solr with Magento :

Step 1: Copy schema.xml and solrconfig.xml to the solr/collection1/config.
Step 2: Restart the Solr Server
Step 3: Install this extension in Magento
Step 4: In Magento Admin: Flush Cache Storage
Step 5: Log out from Magento Admin and log back in
Step 6: Configure, test and enable via: System > Configuration > CATALOG > Solarium Search
Step 7: Reindex the Catalog Search Index, this will update Solr (if enabled)
Step 8: Test normal searching in the webshop