Optimizing Seafood Supply Chains with Mobile Computer Solutions and Data Tracking Software


Client Overview

Our client is a B2B distribution company based in Bangalore, India, specializing in distributing fish and seafood products. Their operations encompass the entire seafood supply chain, including sourcing, processing, and distribution to various locations within Indian states.

Problem Statements

How do we ensure the freshness and safety of seafood products?

How do we optimize operational efficiency?

How can we achieve greater transparency and traceability?

How do we monitor the movement of assets, such as crates and containers?

Challenges Faced By Users On Ground!

The client encountered several significant challenges in their seafood distribution operations before implementing our solution

Manual Processes

The company heavily relied on manual processes, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of accuracy in their operations.

Asset Management

The client also struggled with maintaining records of essential assets like crates and container boxes throughout the process. Frequent asset losses were a common issue.

Perishable Products

Seafood products are highly perishable, demanding swift and error-free processes to maintain product freshness and quality.

Sales Return

Efficiently recording and managing sales returns posed a significant challenge for the client.

Tracking Stages

With seafood passing through multiple distribution levels, tracking items at various stages became complex and error-prone.

Tracking Stages

With seafood passing through multiple distribution levels, tracking items at various stages became complex and error-prone.

Data Discrepancies

Mismatches between the sourced items and the recorded data were prevalent, introducing inconsistencies in the supply chain.

Tracking and Traceability

One of the foremost challenges was the inability to effectively track and trace seafood batches from the point of sourcing through to distribution and even managing sales returns. This lack of traceability created operational hurdles.

The combination of these challenges made it imperative for the client to seek a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and address the critical issues of traceability, accuracy, and asset management in their seafood distribution business.

Case Study in detail

Infi Fresh Foods India Pvt Ltd, trading as Captain Fresh, is a prominent player in the fresh seafood industry. They faced challenges in managing their seafood supply chain efficiently, ensuring the quality and traceability of their products. 

We have developed a cloud-based software solution to address these challenges. This software helps to track the entire process from sourcing to distribution while monitoring asset movement. 

This case study delves into the solution’s development, implementation, and impact on Captain Fresh’s operations.  

The Solutions

The solution comprised a mobile and web application integrated with hardware scanners for real-time data capture. We used QR codes, which help uniquely identify seafood batches and assets throughout the supply chain. We have used Water-resistant QR codes (Metal Tags) on the crates and boxes (Assets) for capturing quickly in the given scenario.

Web Application

Treewalker Technologies India Pvt Ltd has deployed and hosted the web application in the cloud, making it easily accessible online. The application offers different user privileges based on user profiles, with an admin role to oversee and control access. Users can benefit from the application’s dashboards, providing visual representations of critical data and accessing periodic reports for structured information. Additionally, the web application facilitates creating and managing master data, a crucial component of its functionality. Moreover, the application is pivotal in maintaining the entire system, including data management, configuration settings, and system updates.

Mobile Application

Treewalker Technologies India Pvt Ltd. has designed and developed an Android mobile application to capture data at each stage throughout the process.

Hardware (Mobile Terminal)

Treewalker Technologies India Pvt Ltd. has supplied the client with a rugged and user-friendly industrial mobile computer to deploy the mobile application. This Handheld Terminal (HHT) helps to enhance scanning efficiency, ensuring a swift and seamless process in the context of perishable food processing where speed is crucial. Notably, this device can function in extreme conditions, including sub-zero temperatures, water, oily, or dusty environments, as it is an IP67-rated device. Furthermore, its advanced Qualcomm Octa-core processor and ample memory capacity ensure smooth and hassle-free performance.

Process Flow

Sourcing Area

Each batch of seafood is tagged with a QR code on a crate. The code was scanned when sourced, capturing critical data, including source location, seafood type, and collection time.

Collection Unit

Upon arrival at the collection unit, the user scans the QR code again, recording the batch transfer. The seafood was processed as per Captain Fresh’s operational methods.

Distribution Centers

A final Barcode scan captured the receipt of seafood batches at distribution centers. The system tracked the distribution process, ensuring timely delivery to customers.

Process Flow

The solution also tracked the movement of assets, such as crates and containers, using QR codes affixed to them. Asset tracking ensured asset accountability and prevented losses.

Realtime Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard provided real-time insights into the entire supply chain. Detailed reports on each process and asset movement were readily available, enabling data-driven decision-making.


We have implemented the solution in collaboration with Captain Fresh’s teams. Key steps included


The software was tailored to align seamlessly with Captain Fresh’s operational methods, ensuring minimal disruption.


Staff received training on using the mobile application, hardware scanners, and the dashboard.


Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the system’s accuracy and reliability.


The solution was deployed across all Captain Fresh facilities.

Advantages of Tracking Applications

The implemented solution revolutionized Captain Fresh’s seafood supply chain

Improved Traceability

QR codes enabled end-to-end traceability, ensuring product authenticity and quality.

Asset Management

Asset losses decreased significantly, saving costs.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers benefited from the fresher, safer seafood and improved delivery accuracy.

Operational Efficiency

Manual data entry was reduced, minimizing errors and accelerating processes.

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time data access empowered Captain Fresh to make informed decisions.

Future Development & Enhancement

Captain Fresh and the development team continue to collaborate on further enhancements to the system, including predictive analytics, IoT integration, and more extensive asset-tracking capabilities.


The cloud-based software solution provided to Infi-Fresh Foods India Pvt Ltd (Captain Fresh) has transformed their seafood supply chain operations. It demonstrates the value of leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, traceability, and operational excellence in the fresh food industry.

Captain Fresh is now well-positioned to meet the growing demands of their customers while maintaining their commitment to delivering fresh, high-quality seafood products.