What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It uses radio waves to identify any object which has unique identification no. which get transmitted when it comes in contact of the RFID antenna.The RFID reader then reads the data sent by RFID tag.


RFID is being in several industries like transportation, supply-chain and retail. RFID is used to identity or track the object Each RFID tag release this radio waves which are intercepted by reader and pass on to the application.

How RFID works?

RFID system consists of RFID tag (microchip), RFID Antenna and RFID Reader. The reader sends the electronic waves which is detected by the tag antenna.

Type of tags:

There are different variants of tags.

Passive tag : These tag does not have any battery . They reader send the signals to tag through which it get the energy and in reverse transmit the data. They have the range of less than 10 meters.

Active Tag : These tags have its own battery. They broadcast own signals to transmit information. They have the range upto 100 meters.

RFID Applications:

  • Automate inventory and asset-tracking in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and business sectors
  • Decrease business revenue lost to theft or inaccurate accounting of goods

I hope this will be a good learning stuff for RFID beginners.